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Why is there always a disparity in the prices of software projects?

If you are a person thinking of creating an application, website, or system to manage your company, then you definitely searched for programming companies and heard prices varying between 1.000 SAR and 1.000.000 SAR.

A really confusing topic, and in this brief article we will explain the reasons for this disparity.

In principle, there are many factors that determine the price of the project, namely:

1- Quality.

 Of course, we do not need to mention that quality and price do not meet, so it must be taken into account that the comparison is not a price comparison only, you must take into account the quality, commitment to appointments, support, etc.

How can you know this when you did not get the service and you have no previous experience?

The answer is brief: From the company's predecessors, you can know the quality of their projects, and this will be evident, whether in design or programming, and if the company has an already existing and known project, this is strong evidence of the quality of this company.

2- The company itself.

Firms are not the same in terms of cost and style of work. For example, there is a company whose employees are paid higher than another company, and therefore the cost will be higher, and there is a famous company with a high reputation and they have well-known and well-known businesses, and this makes the company raise its prices or target a higher segment.

3- The size of the project.

Of course, the size of the project causes a big difference in the price, but if the same project and you find the price different in more than one company. Here I will tell you about something that can play a big role in price.


- There is a company that may have implemented a project similar to the one you want in this case, the company can complete this project that you have implemented and add some features and additions and you will receive the project in a much shorter time and also the cost of the project to the company will be much lower than any other company that will start on a project from zero.

4- Ready-made molds.

There are some companies that use ready-made templates, for example there are certain types of projects such as an ERP system, cashier system, online store, or advertisement application etc. This type of project is highly and continuously demanding. Some companies design a template or system that contains the circulating properties and sell it in the form of duplicate copies, in this case the company can sell it for less than its price in the market with a big difference because here it depends on the repeated sales of the same copy more than once.

5- The technologies used in building the project.

There are some low-cost techniques in creating software, and on the contrary, there are also some high-cost techniques.

Some of the most popular low-cost technologies are:

- WORDPRESS technology in website development.

- OPENCART Technology in E-Commerce development.

- FLUTTER technology in application development.

Among the most popular and expensive technologies:

- PHP technology in websites development.

- KOTLIN / JAVA android applications development.

- SWIFT technology iPhone applications development.


We are pleased to provide a free consultation if you want to know how to determine what suits your need if it is a ready project or a project built from scratch and the difference between them in terms of advantages and disadvantages.

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